Thursday, July 22, 2010

The Thousand Skiers Project

The Thousand Skiers Project: Advocating for a Non-Motorized Recreation Area in the Wenatchee National Forest

Winter Wildlands Alliance is assisting our local partners through the Wenatchee Mountains Coalition to advocate for the designation of two non-motorized winter recreation areas in the Wenatchee National Forest. Please lend your voice to this important initiative.

Currently, little of the Wenatchee National Forest is protected for human-powered winter recreation. Winter access to wilderness areas is challenging and, sadly, illegal snowmobile activity prevalent. By designating non-motorized winter recreation areas for the Wenatchee National Forest there will be greater opportunity for quite winter recreation and in turn create a non-motorized buffer toenhance wilderness protection.

The Thousand Skiers Project, formed by the Wenatchee Mountains Coalition, hopes to generate one thousand letters and emails, from human-powered snowsports enthusiasts - in support of designating new non-motorized areas in the Wenatchee National Forest. Please take a moment right now to help achieve our goal.

These non-motorized winter recreation areas will be significant in size and include two separate contiguous areas along the pristine and unroaded crest of the Wenatchee Mountains. The western non-motorized area will include the higher elevation portion of Wenatchee Crest next to the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. The eastern non-motorized area will include the Wenatchee Crest from Blewett Pass (Hwy 97) to the Mission Ridge Road. These non-motorized winter recreation areas will offer backcountry snowsports enthusiasts multiple opportunities for short, long and overnight ski tours.

For more information click here and Get Involved by emailing or calling;

Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest
The Forest Plan Revision Team
215 Melody Lane Wenatchee, WA 9880

Sign your letter or email with your full name and place of residence so the Forest Service can verify you're a real person. And please Carbon copy the so we can track support.

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