Friday, January 23, 2009

January Meeting + Wildlife/Forest Issues

Dear Mountaineers:
The Conservation Executive Committee (CEC) held its January meeting on the 21st, and I am pleased to announce that we had four guests who are interested in becoming active members of the CEC: Sarah Owens, Sandy Bowman, Jessie Dye, and Greg Barnhouse. Greg has volunteered to work as communications issues for the CEC, which will greatly help us keen connected wwith the club membership. We also welcomed Peter Teigen, who is a graduate student in the Evans School at the UW. Peter will be working with the CEC as an intern as part of his graduate work at the UW. We are honored by Peter's willingness to work with the CEC and the Mountaineers.
The CEC is likely to take action on two important issues in the next few weeks. Gov. Palin of Alaska has sued the Fish & Wildlife Service over the agency's listing of the Beluga Whale as endangered. CEC member Dyche Kinder is drafting a letter to Gov. Palin that the CEC will likely approve and ask President Eric Linxweiler to sign. The CEC has a long history of work on wildlife issues in Alaska, so a letter on whales should be within the parameter of our previous wildlife issues. The other issue is signing on to a letter about the workings of the state's forest management at the Department of Ecology (DOE). The Environmental Caucus seeks our support for a letter to the new Public Lands Commissioner, Peter Goldmark, about some forest practices of the DOE and the conduct of its meetings where important forest decisions are made.
The next CEC meeting is Wednesday, February 18Th at the clubhouse at 7 PM. Join us!
Michael Shurgot

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Dear Mountaineers:

As chair of the Mountaineers Conservation Executive Committee I want to welcome you to a blog that Leesa Wright, our Public Policy Associate, and I hope to update frequently. We will post minutes of the CEC meetings, as well as news about the conservation division's activities and ways that you can join us to advance our conservation agenda.

For beginners, the next open meeting of the CEC will be Wednesday, Feb. 18th at the Magnuson clubhouse at 7 PM. All members of the Mountaineers are welcome to join us. Contact me at mwshurgot@earthlink for an agenda. You may contact Leesa for information about the conservation activities at Please also see every month in The Mountaineer the section "Conservation Currents," which contains essays by CEC members on recent conservation issues and information on how you can get involved.