Thursday, July 22, 2010

Mountaineers North Cascades Book Project

The North Cascades

Everyone seems to be in agreement these days... the North Cascades represent a unique area of natural beauty and recreational opportunity that must be protected from development and other resource management threats. The economic stability of the rural towns around the North Cascades are now directly tied to the protection of these natural resources and the revenue generated from recreation-based business. Coalitions of local and national conservation, recreation, business and other organizations have been working on various proposals to promote conservation objectives and economic opportunities for the North Cascades. These proposals include completion of North Cascades National Park, Wilderness and Wild and Scenic River designations and public private partnerships to help promote sustainable, recreation based economies.

The Mountaineers to Produce a Book on the North Cascades
To support these efforts The Mountaineers and Mountaineers Books/Braided River have joined forces to produce a book about the North Cascades. Beautiful coffee table photographic books published by Mountaineers Books have been held up on the Senate floor, hand delivered to U.S. Presidents during legislative debates, and played an integral role in galvanizing people to become engaged in public policy debates.

The book will be part of a robust campaign that will include events, media, exhibits, and more—all based on magnificent images and stories of this iconic landscape. The Mountaineers will collaborate with numerous regional grassroots organizations, and plans to craft the book so it will be a useful media tool for the overall campaign.

While gorgeous works of art and important advocacy tools books like these are rarely money makers. With this in mind The Mountaineers is leading a donation drive to raise money to produce this book on the North Cascades. Contributions to this campaign help us doubly to reach our goal since every dollar donated up to $25,000 is generously matched by The Mountaineers. Please make checks out to Braided River- and be sure to put North Cascades Advocacy Book in the memo of your check. Publication will be in 2011 or 2012.

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Anonymous said...

Please check out what your book will promote. The Methow Valley does not want a "North Cascades Parkway" and is not wanting to negatively expand the Park. Please consider those who live here and those who currently enjoy the park as it is- Wild