Tuesday, February 5, 2008

113 bulbs replaced with CFLs!

Though not glacial in porportion, the first effort to bring our club a step closer to carbon neutrality has represented a one-vehicle dent in the planet’s carbon imprint. Put in another context, it represents two acres of forest land spared.

The Mountaineers Conservation Division encouraged club members to convert to CFLs in a December Mountaineer article. Mountaineers responded by submitting their glowing reports: a total of 113 conversions.

Each CFL conversion amounts to about 160 pounds of CO2 otherwise released in a year, according to the Conservation Division’s volunteer energy quotient guru, Jim Adcock. An electrical engineer, Adcock notes that if all Mountaineers were using CFLs entirely in their homes, we could save the equivalent of 2,000 acres of forest. Help our planet go ultra-light by continuing the good deeds and remember to provide us your tally on last month’s carbon imprint entreaty: How many times have you chosen to either take alternative transportation or add a passenger to your vehicle during a regular routine?

Send us to carbon neutrality in breakneck speed. Just report your tally (without breaking your neck or a sweat) by sending an e-mail to conservation@mountaineers.org, or via U.S. Postal Service carbon dispenser (if you must) and addressed to The Mountaineers, Attn: Carbon Imprint, 300 Third Ave. W., Seattle, WA 98119.

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